response to Rocky's Road

Hi Rocky,

' The best thing we can do is essentially occupy the elections. Stand up and say we’re not going to take it any more. As a citizenry, regardless of our prior political affiliations, we ought to be joining together and saying there are certain fundamentals we insist upon, and none of those will be met by either the Republican or the Democratic party because they helped create the system and they thrive from the corruption in the system … '

It think that's it. Occupy the House of Representatives.

There is no chance that Rocky Anderson is going to win the White House via conventional means. There is no chance he'll be on the ballot. The duopoly's (very effective) first line of defense - control of the ballot itself - will keep you off the ballot in enough states to make it impossible to win.

There is a very slim chance that you might win the election, but not the White House, via a write-in campaign. Write in ballots are illegal(!) in some states - Louisiana I know of - and written-in votes are merely totaled as 'write-in' in others. But it is theoretically possible for a write-in candidate to get more votes than either of the duopols and thus to invalidate a duopol 'victory'... and the whole fixed election process as well. And that must be done before real victory becomes possible. The only names on a ballot should be those written there by the voters. We can all help illiterates learn to write the name of the one they want in office at election time, and drop the shame of illiteracy in so doing.

It may well be possible for us to Occupy the House seats in some Congressional Districts via write-ins, and to help get people in the habit of writing in their own choice for office in all the districts. In addition to electing some bona fide peoples' candidates, this will surely invalidate more duopol 'victors' and thus shine the spot-light on the bogosity of our present system in all its 'splendor'.

We ourselves have first to declare victory, and then proceed as victors and the masters of our country and our fate. Write-ins are the only way to convey our legitimate intentions as voters... no matter what the crooked laws of the duopols say.

Rocky, you need to mobilize Occupy movements/remnants in all 450 Congressional Districts to REALLY Occupy the House, and in so doing the write-in movement will gain currency and support which will bubble-up to your own candidacy for POTUS, increasing your chance of utterly invalidating the 'victory' of Obama/the-Republicrat-to-be-named-later. The election of either duopol will guarantee pure, continuing evil in either case, 'nuanced' as it may be. There is no danger of our 'throwing away' our ballots. The only way to that away a ballot is to vote for a duopol candidate.

This is not a journey of one election's duration. Let us undertake it with the idea of actually winning back control of whatever we can each election until we win back control of our nation... over a period of 2, 4, 6, 8... years.

If we had begun in 2004, we might be free by now.

Good luck Rocky, and thanks for standing up for all of us now and in the past as well.

I have some ideas on structural changes I think are necessary, if you're interested.


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John Francis Lee